Fabulously Fairtrade

‘Nobody wants to buy something that was made by exploiting somebody else’

Jerry Greenfield (Ben and Jerry’s Co-Founder)

Fairtrade and what it stands for is really important to us at St Martins in the Bull Ring. In a nutshell, ‘Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers […] It’s about supporting the development of thriving farming and worker communities that have more control over their futures and protecting the environment in which they live and work […] When you buy products with the FAIRTRADE Mark, you support farmers and workers as they work to improve their lives and their communities’ (Fairtrade, 2016). Where ever possible, we aim to buy products with the Fairtrade mark, and you will spot this dotted around items in the Tea Lounge.

All of tea, coffee and sugar used in the Tea Lounge is Fairtrade, and sourced from Puro Coffee (check them out at http://www.purocoffee.com/fairtrade-coffee/ ). We love Puro, because on top of being Fairtrade, they have an environmental cause – there are ‘9 Puro rainforest reserves created within 7 coffee producing companies- [and they] have saved 14,965 acres of rainforest’ (Puro, 2016). Puro products also make up part of our room hire drinks packages, as we try to filter the Fairtrade ethos through all of our business. Some people don’t care too much for the taste of Fairtrade coffee, but we would really encourage you to pop in and try it for yourself because we think it is delicious!

All the chocolate we have on sale, and the lovely hot chocolate we use, is again Fairtrade- and who can resist a delicious hot chocolate??! (Especially when it’s Cadburys with the additions of squirty cream and marshmallows…)  Cadbury dairy milk, and their hot chocolate, went Fairtrade in 2009 which has had the impact of tripling the sales for cocoa farmers in Ghana under Fairtrade terms’ (Cadburys, 2016). If chocolate isn’t your thing though, fear not! We stock a selection of Pukka herbal tea bags, some of which are Fairtrade, including the Supreme Matcha Green and the Gorgeous Earl Grey. Like Puro Coffee, Pukka has an ethos of investing in the environment and conservation work; read about their work in the Eastern Himalayas here: http://www.pukkaherbs.com/pukka-planet/stories/people/partners/teas-to-protect-tigers-rhinos-and-elephants/ .

It’s great to be able to support Fair Trade products through our work here at St Martins, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. If you bring a copy of this blog post (print out, on your smart phone etc.) along to the Tea Lounge before the end of August 2016, we will treat you to a free tea for one, one regular filter coffee/Americano or one plain hot chocolate with any purchase.


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