We heart cake

“A homemade, home-baked and hand crafted cake makes any occasion feel more joyful.”

Martha Stewart

At St Martins Tea Lounge we love cake. A lot.

We get all of our cakes from Clam’s Handmade Cakes in the Ebbw Vale in Wales, their cakes are made ‘cracking real eggs, using real ingredients, baked by individual people, and all [their] cakes are hand decorated’ (Clam’s, 2016). We have an array of different types of cakes on offer- from old favourites like Victoria sponge to the more unusual praline and almond loaf. Similar to our choice with regards to stocking Fairtrade products, we care about the other products we stock and their ethical sourcing; you can read more about Clam’s ingredients here: http://www.clamscakes.co.uk/how-we-make-our-cakes/

We have also recently branched out into stocking gluten free Honeybuns cakes, our favourite is the milk chocolate brownie- yum! So nice with a good cup of tea. You really don’t need to be following a gluten free diet to enjoy these. They have a great sourcing policy http://www.honeybuns.co.uk/About-us/Sourcing-policy and use ‘slow, gentle baking methods […their] Batches are small and […] products are made from only natural ingredients’ (Honeybuns, 2016).

We have different offers on our cakes during the week, including Honeybuns and a drink deal and our cake of the day deal, so there is no excuse to not treat yourself. If you’ve had enough of eating cake, why not have a go at making some? We’ve been having a little look online and getting some inspiration…

http://sweetapolita.com/blog/ we love the Glam Rock Cake recipe featured here- so cool!

http://thecakeblog.com/2016/06/banana-split-cake-2.html this Banana Split cake looks awesome and so summery (and it has bananas and cherries…so you can at least pretend it’s healthy…)

http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2016/07/breakfast-cake-pops/ these fried egg cake pops look really fun to make!

Happy cake making and eating 🙂


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