Birmingham’s Marvellous Markets

“The real voyage of discovery exists not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes”

Marcel Proust

A couple of days ago, we were looking at the history and heritage of St Martin’s in the Bull Ring. As the building itself has changed over the years, so has its surroundings. Over the years, the setting of the church has become much more built up and developed, take a look at the images below…

birmingham-bull-ring-postcard-400x258 1912

A postcard of St Martins and the surrounding area in 1912

st martins in the bullring old surroundings postcard 1970s .jpg

A postcard of St Martins and the surrounding area in the 1970s

The area around the church has long been the home to Birmingham’s Markets; in most recent years comprising of the Open Market, Rag Market and the Indoor Market, with the Wholesale Market just down the road. The markets are great for the Tea Lounge, it means we source items from jam to clotted cream right on our doorstep, and support local business at the same time.

Over the next few years, the landscape around the church is set to change even further, after the Smithfield plan was released (see here: When you look at the maps, you can see St Martins on the edge of the plans! The wholesale market is set to move to Sutton, whilst the other markets will be reworked into the new development. The Birmingham Mail has a great time line of the markets development and artist’s renderings of how the new area will look

If walls could talk, we can’t help but imagine what exciting tales St Martins would have to tell about the changing landscape and its numerous stories.


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