It’s National Afternoon Tea Week!

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea”

Henry James

Summer evokes images of a lazy hour or two spent enjoying a picnic or afternoon tea with friends. The afternoon tea is a British tradition said to have been popularised in England around the 1840s by Anna Maria Russell, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford. She was said to feel the slump between her main meals of the day, and so began taking tea, sandwiches and cakes in the afternoon. This soon became a social event, where she would invite friends along to partake in afternoon tea and a walk. Others in high society soon caught onto this idea and soon followed suit.

For some, a full afternoon tea could be too heavy, and so the cream tea is an ideal alternative. Some historians believe that the first cream tea was invented in the 11th century by the monks of Benedictine Abbey in Devon. Throughout the West Country, there are many cream teas on offer, and they gained popularity in the 1850s following the rise in tourism around the area.

We are currently in Afternoon Tea Week (8th-14th August ), so what better excuse do you need to indulge? If you’ve had a busy day of shopping in Birmingham, our afternoon and cream teas offer a nice break to escape the chaos of the shops. We have lovely scones, and our homemade cakes from clams, your choice of sandwiches and Rodda’s clotted cream and jam. We also have our cream teas if you fancy something a little lighter. We hope to see you soon!


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