Fun facts about cake

“I never in my life argued with a piece of cake or a bowl of ice cream”

Ray Bradbury

As you all know, we really like cake in the Tea Lounge, and we’re proud of where we source our cake from. As it’s Friday (and almost the weekend, yay!) we thought it would be fun to compile some interesting facts about one of our favourite foods…

1) A VAT tribunal in 1991 ruled that Jaffa Cakes are cakes not biscuits.

 2) For tax purposes, the essential difference between cakes and biscuits is that cakes go hard when stale but biscuits go soft.

3) The world’s largest wedding cake weighed 6.818 tonnes (15,032 lb) and was made by chefs at the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino, Uncasville, Connecticut, USA and displayed at their New England bridal showcase on 8 February 2004.

4) Queen Victoria was the first person to have pure white icing on her wedding cake, hence the name royal icing.

5) Cake as we know it evolved from bread becoming sweeter and spicier, and more like cake as we know it today.

6) The concept of the wedding cake in Britain can be traced back to medieval times, when it would have been made of wheat and would have been thrown at the bride as a symbol of fertility.

7) The world’s largest cupcake weighed 1,224 lbs, contained 2,000,000 calories, and 800 eggs! Check it out here:

8) The word cake is of Viking origin, from the Norse word “kaka”.

9) The first cakes were believed to have been baked by the Egyptians who sweetened bread with honey.

10) Cupcakes got their name due to the fact that all the ingredients are measured by the cup.


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