Cheese Toasties

“Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort meal”

Ina Garten

Cheese toasties are one of life’s simple pleasures. We’re always excited to add new items onto the Tea Lounge menu, and this week we are adding cheese toasties! You can customise your cheese toastie with the addition of ketchup, mayo, mustard, BBQ sauce, marmite or just keep it plain and simple.

If you’d like to make a toastie at home (without a fancy toastie maker, or dirtying pots and pans) here is how we do it…

You will need:

-A small ramekin of grated cheese (the amount depends on how cheesy you like your toastie, but be careful not to overload the toastie or the filling will leak out!)

-2 slices of bread (white or brown is fine, but you will need one which is very thinly sliced so that it will fit in your toaster within the toasty bag- we find that supermarket value range breads, or calorie controlled breads are best for this)

-A toasty bag (like this one from Poundland

-Sauce to taste if using


-Melt the cheese in its ramekin in the microwave for approximately 15 seconds (may be more or less time depending on how much cheese you are using- you want a just melted consistency)

-Spread the melted cheese across one piece of bread, if using the sauce spread this too, and top with the second slice of bread

-Place the sandwich in the toastie bag, and toast according to the bags instructions

-Viola! You should have a lovely cheese toastie to enjoy


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