Heritage Week

“Good apples pie are a considerable part of our domestic happiness”

Jane Austen

Next week we are taking part in heritage week, between Thursday 9th and Saturday 11th September. As we have discussed in earlier blogs, the church is rich in history, and this is a rare chance to take a more in depth look around the building. We thought it wouldn’t be right to be taking part in heritage week, without having a nod to the British heritage of food in the Tea Lounge, so we have a special treat for you all! Between the 9th and 11th September we will be offering a slice of apple pie with tea for one or a regular filter coffee for £2.50!

The first recorded apple pie recipe was written in 1381 in England. This recipe wasn’t like the apple pie we know today, in fact the pastry was termed a ‘coffin’ a non-edible shell for its filling. Luckily, recipes have come a long way since then, and we hope you enjoy the apple pie we will have on offer! We will also have free heritage brochures available in the Tea Lounge.



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