Comforting Crumpets

Crumpet: a thick, flat, savoury cake with a soft, porous texture, made from a yeast mixture cooked on a griddle and eaten toasted and buttered.

Oxford English Dictionary

As the weather grows colder, and the days shorter, the traditional English crumpet becomes the perfect snack to get you through a long day. They’re stodgy, savoury and substantial enough to even become a meal in themselves. Crumpets as we know them today, originated in the Victorian Era, at which point yeast was added to the recipe. Crumpets are usually cooked on a griddle in a special ring, which gives them their distinctive shape.

Here at St Martins, we serve ours simply, toasted with butter; but you could add jam, marmalade, marmite, or even grated cheese (one combination we find particularly delicious!). On our menu, you can exchange your toast in your beans on toast for crumpets if you fancy a change.

Crumpet fun facts…

Warburton’s have released a ‘Giant Crumpet’- check them out here:

Crumpets can be used as an artistic medium- check out these pieces of artwork made entirely of crumpets and jam…

People have been experimenting with crumpet flavours, and moving away from the traditional idea of a crumpet as we know it. Like this blueberry crumpet…



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