“Beans, beans are good for your heart!…”

“Beans are a real go-to for me.”

Joe Bastianich

Baked beans are an important part of our menu in St Martins Tea Lounge. We offer a range of light lunches and snacks which include beans, and they are a staple ingredient for us!

It’s weird to think when looking back, that such an everyday food used to be seen as a luxury foreign product. Baked beans were first introduced in the UK as American imports, sold in Fortnum and Mason from 1886. They only became more an everyday food during wartime, when the Ministry of Food labelled it an ‘essential food’ under rationing measures.

We generally use Heinz Baked Beanz wherever possible in our food; they count as 1 of your 5-a-day and are virtually fat free, making them a healthy choice. Some people love baked beans (perhaps even more than us!) ‘The most baked beans eaten with a cocktail stick in five minutes is 271 and was achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA) in Jamaica, New York, USA, on 11 August 2014’ (Guinness World Records); and the ‘largest pot of baked beans contained 5,600 litres (1,231.83 UK gal; 1,479.36 US gal), and was achieved by Davcev Stojan and DASTO (both Macedonia) outside the Orthodox Church at Sarcievo Village, Macedonia, on 7 August 2012’ (Guinness World Records).

Hot food is served from approximately 12 midday in the Tea Lounge.


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