Warming chai

“Tea is a beverage which not only quenches thirst, but dissipates sorrow”

Chang Loo

Chai Tea, also referred to as Masala Chai, means mixed-spice tea. The drink originated from India, and is traditionally a unique combination of black tea, alongside Indian spices and herbs, milk and a sweetener (such as sugar or honey). The traditional spice mix for Chai is called Karha, and is made up of both cardamom and ginger, it is to this base that other spices such as cinnamon are added. Over time, the concept of chai tea has evolved and the chai latte was born by the early 90’s. This is where a chai powder or syrup is mixed with steamed milk, like a regular latte but without the addition of coffee. It’s a lovely, warming alternative to the usual tea or coffee.

In the Tea Lounge at St Martins, we serve both spiced chai latte and vanilla chai latte, by Drink Me Chai see more here: http://www.drinkmechai.co.uk/ there is a really good recipe page on their website to inspire you, if you fancy trying some recipes out at home!

Chai can be worked into lots of other recipes too, some of our favourites are below:

This ice cream looks yum, and it would be interesting to try the chai flavours cold, as opposed to in a hot beverage…


This cake looks great for a special occasion…


These chai spice doughnuts look delicious!



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