A day in the life of a Barista

“The barista is the rock star of the hospitality industry”


Here at St Martins Tea Lounge, our Baristas are integral to what we do. You can always spot them in their colourful St Martins uniforms dotting here and there, making drinks, serving food and cleaning dishes…we caught up with them to see just what it’s like being a Barista…

Describe a typical working day

S: Busy with cleaning, and serving drinks and food. The routines the same every day, but the faces always change.

G: I get here early to set up, then make lots of coffee!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

S: Serving food and having people say they enjoyed it.

G: Chatting with the regular customers.

What’s your least favourite part of the job?

S: Rude customers who don’t always make allowance for errors.

G: Working with S! (We think he was joking!!)

What’s your favourite drink/product to make?

S: A cappuccino. Trying to see if you can get enough froth to cap the drink.

G: Syrup Lattes.

What would you do if you weren’t a barista?

S: Probably go back to my old job in retail.

G: Be working in a kitchen somewhere.

Your favourite hot beverage?

S: Tea every time.

G: Syrup Lattes, made with caramel syrup.



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