Bonfire Bonanza!

Remember, remember!    

The fifth of November,    

The Gunpowder treason and plot;    

I know of no reason    

Why the Gunpowder treason    

Should ever be forgot!

English Folk Verse

The Gunpowder plot, was a plan to blow up the House of Lords on the 5th November 1605, due to increasing tensions between Catholics and Protestants at the time. The plot was exposed to those in power through an anonymous letter, leading to Guy Fawkes been found guarding numerous barrels of gunpowder (enough to blow up the House of Lords) on the 4th November. The plotters were put on trial, and found guilty of treason, all of them were sentenced to death. The ‘Observance of 5th November Act’ was put in place, leading to the discovery of the plot being commemorated for many years to come.

In the Tea Lounge, we will have a special menu just for bonfire night. Please find a link to the menu below- have a look, and pop in to see us!


N.B. The firework photograph used as the cover image to this blog does not belong to St Martins, and has come from


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