Excellent Eggnog!

‘Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk besides the fire: it is the time for home.’

Edith Sitwel

As the festive season is on its way, we like to add some new additions to our Tea Lounge menu; this year we have eggnog syrup! There’s a lot of theories on how eggnog originated, and it is very similar to other drinks that pop up around Christmas time, such as advocaat (the basis of the snowball cocktail), and is traditionally made with egg, cream and sugar, and sometimes alcohol. Our syrup, based on the traditional eggnog flavours, adds a lovely twist to your coffee.

Things you may not know about eggnog…

1)      National Eggnog Day is befittingly on Christmas Eve!

2)      Eggnog is hugely popular in America, and figures suggest over 135 million pounds are sold every year in America alone.

3)      It’s a truly indulgent drink, with a small cup containing 343 calories.

4)      The earliest known recipe for eggnog dates back to 1775.


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