Have a break…

“Have a break, have a KitKat”

KitKat Slogan

KitKats are one of our most popular treats in the Tea Lounge, and we love them! We were having a little look online, and we found out some interesting facts about this old favourite…

  1. KitKat continues to be the UK’s best selling confectionery brand and, in 2004, sales amounted to more than £170 million.
  2. The 1997 Guinness Book of Records states that 13.2 billion fingers were sold worldwide in 1995 and that every second, 418 KitKat fingers are consumed worldwide.
  3. Every five minutes enough KitKats are manufactured to outstack the Eiffel Tower, while a year’s production would stretch around the London Underground more than 350 times.
  4. Launched in 1935 as Chocolate Crisp, KitKat was supposedly named after the KitKat Club, an 18th century Whig literary club. As the building had very low ceilings, it could accommodate only paintings which were wide but not too high. In the art world, such paintings became known as “kitkats”. It is therefore conceivable that the KitKat derived its name from paintings, which had to be snapped off to fit into low ceilinged rooms.
  5. A three-finger KitKat is produced for the Middle East to match a denomination of the local currency, making the product a convenient, one-coin purchase. Meanwhile, an extra-long single-finger, called a KitKat Stick, is available in Japan.
  6. Big kicking former England rugby star Rob Andrew is crazy about KitKats. He had a stock flown out to him and his team mates in South Africa to keep them going during the World Cup in 1995.
  7. In Malaysia, KitKat is produced in a special formula for warm climates.
  8. The quantity of KitKat made at Nestlé Rowntree’s York factory has almost doubled in the last 20 years. Atleast 25 basic pack formats for KitKat are made at York.
  9. Other smaller KitKat factories are located in Toronto (Canada), Hamburg (Germany), Ponda (India), Chembng (Malaysia), Tianjin (China), Kasumigaura (Japan), Campbellfield (Australia), East London (South Africa) and Hershey (USA).

Check out this link for some cool KitKat flavours they only have in Japan- we wish they would bring some of these to the UK! https://www.dramafever.com/news/16-kit-kat-flavors-you-will-only-find-in-japan–/%7B[%7Bnotification.object.url%7D]%7D

Facts taken from https://www.nestleprofessional.com/uk/en/SiteArticles/Pages/Facts_About_KitKat.aspx?UrlReferrer=https%3a%2f%2fwww.bing.com%2f



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