Marvellous Maltesers!

“When I want comfort food, I buy Maltesers. I like all chocolates, but especially those. You can eat them, and because they’re so light, you can convince yourself that they are not actually that fattening.”

David Walliams

Here in the Tea Lounge, we agree that Maltesers are one of the best comfort snacks, the problem we have is we can never eat just one! We don’t think we’re quite as bad as Ashrita Furman and Bipin Larkin (both from the USA) who ate 76 maltesers in 1 minute, after throwing and then catching them in their mouths, on 30 July 2013. If you want to save on calories, why not have an attempt to beat the world record set by Tom Irvin (UK), for malteser blowing? He achieved 9.02 seconds!

But how do they make maltesers we wonder? Check out this link for some interesting theories…,,-6315,00.html However they make them, maltesers are great, either on their own, or incorporated into one of these essays we’ve found below…

Malteser Tiffin

This recipe not only has maltesers, but digestives and golden syrup…what’s not to love?!

Maltesers Recipe Selection

These recipes make maltesers the superstar- we think the maltesers chocolate cake looks especially lovely!

Maltesers Christmas Cake

Some cute and festive decorating ideas to transform a simple cake for Christmas time!

N.B. We don’t own the maltesers picture, it was taken from


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