Christmas is on its way!

‘Christmas isn’t all about candy canes, or lights all aglow, it’s the hearts that we touch, and the care that we show’

Disney Christmas quotes

Christmas is on it’s way here in Birmingham and St Martins in the Bull Ring! The German Market is open, and all the Christmas lights are up and twinkling, making us all feel very festive. You’ll notice Christmas slowly creeping it’s way into the Tea Lounge, you’ll notice snow bites on the counter, and very soon a little gingerbread man sweet adorning your hot chocolate. We will have mince pie and drinks deals, and decorations all around! Most of all though, we hope you will come and visit us in the Tea Lounge, to meet with old friends and reflect on the memories of the past year. There are some lovely winter events taking place in the church alongside the Tea Lounge, that we hope you will enjoy. There is the Crisis Carol service taking place at 6pm on Thursday 1st December, to register for your free ticket please visit There’s also Jazz Carols on Sunday 11th December at 4.30pm, see for more details.


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