Magnificent Mince Pies

“I normally eat about seven or eight mince pies in one sitting. Sometimes, I can get to double figures. My friends, and probably most people, stop at two, so they probably dislike me a bit for it.”

Tamsin Egerton

The mince pie was originally more of a savoury pie, containing meat alongside fruits and spices. In the 13th century, the returning crusaders brought back middle-eastern recipes with them, and it is thought it is these recipes that were the inspiration for the mince pies we know and love today. Overtime, as tastes moved away from the Tudor palette, and as sugar became more popular, the mince pie became a lot sweeter, with many removing meat from their recipes altogether.

Mince pies became associated with Christmas, as their original shape was said to be symbolic of Christ’s manger and during the middle ages, people believed that if you ate a mince pie every day from Christmas to Twelfth Night (6th January) you would have happiness for the next 12 months!

In the Tea Lounge, we will be offering a mince pie and drinks deal in the Tea Lounge from the beginning of December: £2.25 for a mince pie and tea for one, £2.50 for a mince pie and regular filter coffee, and £2.75 for a mince pie and hot chocolate. We can’t wait!

N.B. We do not own the mince pie image, it was taken from


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