Jammy treats

“Jam! I love my jam. I’ve just had a batch of it come through, I’ve been making it.”

Kate Moss

Here at St Martins Tea Lounge we love jam too (and marmalade, on occasion). We think it elevates a humble snack like toast or crumpets, and turns it into something a bit more special. We serve Menz & Gasser jams, which has been made in Italy since 1935.

Jam has got a long history, first popping up in cookbooks from the Roman era. Adding sugar to fruit, and creating jam, was a way of preserving the fresh produce; and it was the crusaders who bought the idea of jam back to the UK.

Marmalade is similar to jam, in how it is made, but it contains the peel of the fruit. Some believe it got its name due to Mary Queen of Scots eating it whenever she felt unwell, where her subjects would alert one another ‘Mary est Malade’….although some doubt the authenticity of this tale!

At only 25p a pot you have no reason not to treat yourself next time you are in the Tea Lounge.


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