It’s Veganuary!

“Being vegan is a glorious adventure. It touches every aspect of my life- my relationships, how I relate to the world.”

Victoria Moran

This January, many people are giving veganism a go, through the Veganuary event- see for more details. Veganuary gives you the chance to explore veganism in more detail, and try new foods with animal free recipes and products.

Here in the Tea Lounge, we have recently begun offering dairy free alternatives to milk throughout our drinks range. We also want to make people aware, that some of our menu items can be made vegan. We offer bebo light spread as a vegan alternative to butter (the vegan stamp is carried on this product), and some of our menu items like jacket potato with Heinz baked beans don’t contain any animal or dairy products. Here at St Martins Tea Lounge we try to be inclusive of all diets, and hope to have more vegans visiting us soon!


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