St Patrick’s Day!

“St Patricks Day is an enchanted time- a day to begin transforming winter’s dream into summer’s magic.”

Adrienne Cook

Here at St Martin’s Tea Lounge, we are preparing for St Patrick’s Day- pop in on the 17th March, and get one of our special Irish themed cupcakes for only £1!

The day is in honour of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and marks his death date. As it falls during the period of lent, the lent rules are lifted for one day, so that people can fully celebrate.

A few interesting facts about St Patrick’s Day:

  • The worldwide popularity of St Patricks is largely due to the Irish diaspora, and the Irish influence on other continents, especially North America.
  • The shamrock was the chosen symbol of St Patrick because of the way it symbolised the Holy Trinity with its three leaves.
  • It is claimed that over 13 million pints of Guinness are served worldwide on St Patrick’s Day.
  • Legend has it that St Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, however it’s been proven that there were no snakes in Ireland at the time this was meant to have happened.
  • The Chicago River is dyed green for St Patrick’s day- it takes 45 pounds of green vegetable dye for the effect.

We hope to see you for the celebrations!


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